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This Premier Training Program Includes:

Safe Vehicle Operations in Inclement Weather

This program is presented by MIIA and MPI. The primary goal of this training is to help prevent accidents and minimize the risk of personal injury associated with those accidents in inclement weather!

Fair and Impartial Policing and Procedural Justice

This training will focus on understanding and implementing fair and impartial police procedures. Police legitimacy means that people have the utmost trust and confidence in the police, accept police authority and believe that police officers are fair and just. We will present some “best practices” for attaining procedural justice as well as offering suggested recommendations for your respective agency policies and procedures.

Stress, Stigma, and Survival

This training program is about recognizing the stress that often accompanies the critical incidents that officers respond to and then dealing with it. At MPI, we believe that by collectively, working together, we can come to the aid of those officers who need help dealing with stress. Having a greater awareness of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress is a great place to start. Having a plan in place to confront it at department levels, or access to professional counseling is a must.


ICAT (Integrating Communications, Assessments, and Tactics)

ICAT training or “Integrating Communication, Assessment and Tactics” is the intended follow-up to “The Police Response to Persons with Mental Illness Part II.” It will focus on the IACP recommended “Critical Decision-making Model”, which can improve and integrate your approach on dangerous calls, with proper communication, assessment, and tactics to successfully mitigate the situation, without the use of force.

Interaction with Persons with Mental Illness

In this training program, we will examine some of the challenges you face when dealing with persons with mental illness and provide you with new information and practices for a more successful outcome. We will focus on ways to reduce those risks for everyone involved. We’ll look at the Massachusetts Mental Health Action Plan. We’ll talk about verbal and non-verbal communication, body language, safety space, use of force, and de-escalation.

Wellness Series

This program is a three part series that will cover Officer Mental Wellness, Critical Incident Stress Management, Officer Suicide Prevention. This training program will discuss and define what a critical incident is, and how these incidents can add to the already existing stress of the job. We will discuss Law Enforcement PTSD and Stigma and how we can learn to better manage our mental health and well-being.

Implicit Bias

This program has been designed to provide an understanding of our ever-present human biases and how they may affect our job performance and community relationships. The goal is to decrease the divide between law enforcement and various segments of the public and at the same time advance positive relations through fair and impartial policing. Part of this training will address police policies and procedures.

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