Welcome to MPI’s monthly “Roll Call” presentations!

This presentation will focus on “Autism and Public Safety”

Each month, MPI presents a new Roll Call training program featuring contemporary issues in public safety while serving to help keep you safe in our rapidly changing environment.  These 15-20 minute programs contain great training points on topics such as; Contemporary Training Issues & Best Practices, Officer Safety & Managing Dangerous Encounters, Legal Updates & Case Law, Officer Wellness & Stress Management, and much more!  Department subscription costs an average $2.50 – $1.75 per officer per month.  Don’t miss out on this important training that increases officer safety and agency liability protection!

Topics Include:

  • Civil Disorders and Public Order Events
  • Heat Emergencies and Miranda Basics
  • B.O.L.O. – Be on The Lookout
  • Crime Scene Basics and Duty to Act
  • Authentication of Digital Evidence
  • Dealing with Persons in Crisis
  • Drone Technology for Law Enforcement
  • Fentanyl and Xylazine
  • Handcuffing, Monitoring and Security
  • Motor Vehicle Stop
  • Off-Duty Tactics
  • Officer Wellness & Shoplifting Legal Insights
  • Situational Awareness
  • Traits of an Armed Individual
  • Your suggestions and more!

Our “Roll Call Video Training” Program has been approved by the Massachusetts Police Training Committee for use as a “Local Option,” meeting the criteria for 4 hours of law enforcement training. Viewing of all 12 Roll Call Video Trainings is required and must be documented and then submitted to MPTC for Local Option Credit. (This can be accomplished by submitting a roster, signed by the officer and by the Chief of Police, to MPTC. Those of you who subscribe to PM AM, Power DMS, or a similar software program can submit a tracking document using that method.)

“This agency-provided roll call training will highlight important issues in policing while serving to help keep you safe in our rapidly changing environment.”

Annual Agency Subscription:

  • Up to 10 Officers – $350
  • 11 – 30 officers – $799
  • 31 – 75 officers – $1,595
  • Over 75 officers – call for pricing


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