Detective Sergeant Kevin Connolly has been an instructor with MPI since 2018 and leads several classes on digital evidence and investigations.  He is a 24-year veteran of the Barnstable Police Department and has been federally deputized by the United States Marshalls as a US Secret Service Task Force Officer assigned to the New England Cyber Fraud Task Force.  As an expert in his field, he has participated in and initiated both state and federal investigations to include homicides, sexual assaults, and child exploitation cases.  He has also participated in two Title III federal wire-tap cases that targeted and dismantled high-level drug trafficking organizations on Cape Cod.

Based on his participation in several of these investigations he has received an Investigative Achievement Award from the United States Attorney’s Office and a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the United States Congress.  He has instructed over 1,000 students on the subject of digital evidence and investigations as well as lectured at both the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Georgia and the National Cyber Crime Conference.

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