My name is Eric Atstupenas and I presently serve as the General Counsel for the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association.  While I am not a police officer, I come from a law enforcement family and from that perspective, I have a unique passion for the legal issues impacting law enforcement along with the advancement of the profession and those in it.  It is because of this passion that I have devoted my professional life to being an advocate for the law enforcement profession, a facilitator of dynamic training opportunities for law enforcement professionals and a consultant for professional partners on legal areas affecting law enforcement.  I have also written several law enforcement training materials and have been published on several occasions in the Police Chief magazine, a monthly publication by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  I am humbled and honored to serve law enforcement here in Massachusetts, and all across the nation. 


In furtherance of my work on behalf of law enforcement, I was elected to the board of the IACP Legal Officers Section and appointed as a member of the IACP Committee on Human and Civil Rights.  I have also had the pleasure to work with my good friend and colleague on a number of law enforcement projects, and who is probably no stranger to any of you, Attorney Eric Daigle, the owner and principle of Daigle Law Group, LLC.

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