MPI Online In-Service Subscription Request

MPI Online In-Service Subscription Request

Police In-Service Training – All courses listed on the In-Service page are available at $179 each or $429 per person, per FY package.

Individual Subscriptions – $429.00 per year, per individual. Available to approved law enforcement personnel and applicants in related fields.

E911 Dispatchers and Call Takers – State Approved E911 In-service Training Classes for Dispatchers and Call Takers are available on line. Each class is valued at 4 hrs. and can be taken individually at $99.00 per class or in a package of 4 classes (16hrs) at $299.00. This is a separate and distinct training program developed by MPI in accordance with State E911 training approval. Course agenda can be accessed on the menu bar by selecting E911. Successful completion of each course will result in a certificate of completion to be presented to State E911 in your reimbursement request package.


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