Human Trafficking (3 hours)

The purpose of this training is to establish best practice standards for law enforcement when responding to and investigating potential human trafficking scenarios. This training will help officers recognize victims of human trafficking and help to respectfully return them to a safe and secure environment.

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Police Responding to Emergencies of Those With a Mental Illness - (3 hours)

This training will address proper communication techniques and ways in which to diffuse and de-escalate emergencies involving a mental health crisis. We’ll discuss mental health symptoms and identify key components of mental health first aid and critical incident training as well.

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Legal Updates - 2021/2022 (6 hours)

The Legal Updates – 2021/2022 in service program will discuss several cases of interest to law enforcement, paying particular attention to matters involving the first and fourth amendments and more.

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De-escalation and Use of Force - FY22 (3 hours)

In this training program, de-escalation, is a valuable component to any potential use of force encounter. Creating distance, using available time to our advantage, and waiting for back-up whenever possible should become part of your advanced planning when responding to calls of potential violence.

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Mass Gatherings (1 hour)

This training program will address the “Best Practices” as to lawfully managing mass gatherings with respect to, freedom of speech and the right of the people to petition and assemble. It will address the responsibility of the police to ensure the safety of crowd members, lawfully exercising their rights, while ensuring all crowd members follow all applicable laws. The completion of this program along with completion of Cultural Competency will provide for 3 hours of accredited training.  

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Cultural Competency (2 hours)

This program will instruct officers on understanding the many cultural differences among people and how those differences affect behaviors and attitudes of those we serve and protect and of law enforcement officers as well.  The completion of this program along with completion of Mass Gatherings will provide for 3 hours of accredited training.  

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Law Enforcement Officer Mental Wellness

Law Enforcement Officer Mental Wellness - Part 1 of 3 (2 hours)

(Part 1) Officer Wellness Series – Mental Wellness. This training program will discuss and define what a critical incident is, and how these incidents can add to the already existing stress of the job. We will discuss Law Enforcement PTSD and Stigma and how we can learn to better manage our mental health and well-being.

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Critical Incident Stress Managment

Critical Incident Stress Management - Part 2 of 3 (2 hours)

(Part 2) Officer Wellness Series – Critical Incident Stress Management, will identify the top ten Critical Incident Stressors and the 5 ways we can be affected by critical Incident Stress. This training will identify and explain the Peer Support Network and how your agency can develop and utilize a peer support unit.

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Law Enforcement Officer Suicide Prevention

Law Enforcement Officer Suicide Prevention - Part 3 of 3 (2 hours)

(Part 3) Officer Wellness Series – Suicide Prevention & QPR Certification will address the rapidly increasing suicide rate of police officers in America. We will look at suicidal ideation and how we can recognize the signs and symptoms present in officers who are at risk for suicide. In addition, officers will be introduced to QPR, “Question, Persuade and Refer,” and how we can utilize  the method of suicide prevention to save the lives of our “brothers and sisters in blue.”

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