Program Topics

  • Performance Management and Accountability
    Providing the tools supervisors and organizations need to guide officers toward achievement of a greater level of ownership, effectiveness and increased productivity.
  • Ethics and Risk Management
    A focus on ways in which supervisors and their organizations take assessment of control and transfer risk.
  • Documenting, Recording and Correcting Employee Behavior
    Improve your current written directive system by showing you how to serve notice to employees through your Rules & Regulations.
  • Procedural Justice, Cooperation and Police Legitimacy
    Explore the role of police response and public cooperation toward building support for the police organization and their actions.
  • Employee Rights vs. Supervisory Functions and Responsibilities
    A review of employees’ rights in connection with common management problems. White text here A review of employees’ rights in connection with common management problems.
  • Decision Making and De-escalation in Difficult Situations
    Introduction to the various models of de-escalation and conflict resolution for the purposes of real time decision making.
  • Supervisors Response to Critical Incidents/Incident Command
    A focus on how supervisors and organizations deal with a major event which threatens to harm their community.
  • Prevention, Intervention and Post-Vention (PIP)
    Prevention, Intervention and Post-vention (PIP) are the three areas of focus when working in the area of suicide.
  • Supervision Liability
    An overview of circumstances where claims or verdicts have been upheld against supervisors in their individual capacities.
  • Internal Affairs Investigations as They Relate to Supervisors
    This course will provide supervisors with information in connection with trends and conditions that may negatively affect the integrity of the department or harm the public’s trust in the department.

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