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Digital Evidence and the Laws That Guide Us:

Attorney Eric Atstupenas and Detective Sergeant Kevin Connolly will discuss the most recent and relevant legal updates in regards to digital evidence.  Among the topics discussed will be proper methods of preserving, seizing, analyzing, and presenting digital evidence from common sources such as cell phones, cell site location information (cell tower data), social media accounts, as well as many other new and unique devices and sources. Participants will learn about best practices along with search warrant language for the different sources of digital evidence, and will see examples of court room presentations of evidence that can be gleaned from these sources.

  • Cell Phones: Legal Update
  • Cell Phones: Seizure, Preservation, Extraction, Presentation along with Search Warrant Language
  • Cell Site Location Information: Legal Update
  • Cell Site Location Information: Identifying, Preserving, Requesting both Historical and Live Data with Exigent and Search Warrants
  • Digital Evidence Overview: Legal Update
  • Digital Evidence Overview: Social Media, Internet of Things, Video Surveillance, and much more.
  • Digital Evidence and Future Challenges


Leveraging Intelligence to Solve Crimes (RissIntel), Using the Pawn Shop database  (RISSProp) as an intelligence tool and deconflicting your operation through (RISSafe):

Leveraging Intelligence to Solve Crimes
RISSIntel contains millions of intelligence records submitted by RISS member agencies on targets and organizations suspected of involvement in criminal activity, as well as locations, vehicles, weapons, and telephone numbers. After a query of RISSIntel, investigators often discover that they are investigating the same target as another law enforcement agency or officer.

Using the Pawn Shop Database (RISSProp)
RISSProp contains more than 26 million records. RISSProp continues to solve burglaries, home invasion robberies, and other crimes while identifying and recovering stolen items. RISSProp has helped recover more than $13.8 million in property since its inception.

Deconfliction of LE related events using RISSafe
Since its inception, more than 2.7 million operations have been entered into RISSafe, resulting in more than 558,300 identified conflicts. Without the identification of these conflicts, officers may have interfered with another agency’s or officer’s investigation, links between cases may have been lost, or officers or citizens may have been unintentionally hurt or killed. RISSafe is accessible and monitored on a 24/7/365 basis and available at no cost to all law enforcement agencies, regardless of RISS membership.

Vanessa Marcotte Case Study: Office of the District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr.

DFT – What does this stand for at the Crime Scene:  Shawn Dolan, CLPE, FEDS, LLC

Want better results from your crime scenes and evidence?  Empower your first responders.  First responders are your most important asset at the crime scene.   They observe evidence the detective and the CSI will never have access to and it could be the missing link to the whole case or other cases in your area. So, what do we teach our first responders about crime scenes?  Let’s talk about how to handle firearms.  Let’s discuss DNA – how it’s left behind and how to protect and collect it.  Let’s talk about the most important evidence at the crime scene, how to recognize it, how to protect it and how we get our bad guy in the end.

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