This seminar is designed to educate Municipal Leaders and Supervisors on how to Question and Interview Public Employees suspected of misconduct in a Municipal work environment.  The seminar will include detailed guidelines on how to meet the necessary legal requirements, while ensuring compliance with standardized procedures for both union and non-union employees.  Participants will receive example forms and directives on how to direct employees to appear at the investigative interview along with standardized employee right form.

Subject Matters Discussed:

  • Designing and Delivering the proper Notice to Appear
  • Designing and Delivering the proper Notice of the Allegations
  • Witnesses Not entitled to Union Representation in most cases
  • What role does the Union Representative play during the interview?
  • Who can act as a Union Representative?
  • When are employees entitled to an Outside Attorney?
  • Recording Interviews is a ‘Work Rule’ and does not need to be bargained over in most cases
  •  Setting the Ground Rules
  • Advisement of Rights (Administrative & Criminal)
  • Weingarten Rights
  • Complying with Policy Requirements
  • Planning the interview
  • Questioning Employees
  • Recording Employees Interviews
  • Interview Techniques
  • Dealing with evasive employee responses ,  ‘I do not recall’  ‘No, Not that I recall, ‘to the best of my memory’,   ‘I am not sure’
  • Truthfulness Issues

Parts of an Effective Employee Interview Process:

  1. Introduction and Greeting
  2. Setting the Ground Rules
  3. Uninterrupted initial version of event under investigation
  4. Clarification
  5. Confront and/or Collaborate
  6. Closing the Interview

This course is for Municipal Supervisors and Management Personnel and is meant to provide the tools necessary to conduct an effective and efficient employee Interview or interrogation.

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