This MPI workshop on non-verbal communication and body language will be led by Behavior Expert, Carl Maccario, a recognized expert in Nonverbal Communication, and human emotion as it relates to evaluating truthfulness and detecting deception. Over the last 18 years, Carl has trained law enforcement and special mission units of the military on how to recognize and interpret nonverbal behavior. He has also taught to private companies human resources and sales recruiters. Mr. Maccario helped design, develop, and implement the first “Behavior Screening” program for a major international airport following 9/11. Mr. Maccario continues to practice the skill set operationally and helped identify 2 foreign intelligence agents at a major defense contractor. Carl is a contributing author to the text book, Nonverbal Communication: Science and Application and Protecting Airline Passengers in the Age of Terrorism. He is also featured in former TSA Administrator, Kip Hawley’s book, “Permanent Emergency”.

This seminar teaches one to:

  • The importance of non-verbal communication
  • How you can better your law enforcement skills by ‘reading people” correctly and knowing what to look for
  • Detecting deception through verbal and nonverbal cues


The knowledge gained from this workshop will increase your knowledge and awareness for:

  • Officer safety, Domain Awareness: Recognizing when “something just doesn’t seem right” and articulating that. Increase your skill at detecting deception. Behavior Recognition makes for a safer and secure work environment. Help you better understand nonverbal communication; i.e. body language and emotion that may signal when someone may be less than forthcoming or being deceptive.
  • Overall better communication skills: Leading meetings, managing a team, or better understanding your co- workers. When conducting interviews, hiring or doing internal investigations, evaluating truthfulness and  possible deception through verbal and nonverbal cues.
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