This seminar will focus on making the Right Decisions when tackling issues in the In-Basket Exercise. Understanding that Compliance with Departmental Rules, Regulations, Polices, Procedures and laws of the Commonwealth when everyday ethical and moral conflicts are present is essential.  It will focus on several key factors which often prevent candidates from making the right choice in these situations and will provide insight into how to successfully work through them.  Seminar participants will review priority choices through the use of realistic job scenarios which require difficult decision-making analysis.  Each decision will be reviewed, evaluated and analyzed in class.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Compliance with Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations when making decisions
  • The Leadership ‘Perspective”
  • How the Public Trust impacts leadership decisions
  • What makes an item a High Priority?
  • Factors that impact the ‘Actions Required’ required by the Candidate.
  • Understanding and successfully completing the required task
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