Join us for our upcoming seminar where we will delve into essential topics surrounding employment agreements and disciplinary actions. This session will provide in-depth insights into both traditional and alternative disciplinary approaches, offering strategies for effectively managing employee conduct and performance. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of settlement agreements, which are crucial for resolving disputes and outlining terms of separation between employers and employees. We’ll also explore last chance agreements, providing employees with a final opportunity to address performance issues before potential termination, and exit agreements that define post-employment obligations and benefits.

This seminar will emphasize the importance of drafting clear and comprehensive employment agreements that protect both employers and employees. You’ll learn about structuring agreements with precise terms and conditions, establishing realistic timelines for compliance, and understanding the legal ramifications for failing to meet expectations. Practical guidance will be offered on training supervisors to effectively implement agreements, monitoring employee performance and behavior, and addressing breaches of contract when agreements are violated.

Additionally, we’ll cover important administrative procedures such as defining the parties involved in agreements, implementing no-contact orders when necessary, and providing real-world examples of agreements in various contexts. Lastly, we’ll clarify the procedures and legal considerations surrounding notices of paid administrative leave, ensuring clarity on how and when to implement such measures within your organization.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and proficiency in handling employment agreements and disciplinary matters that are critical to maintaining a productive and compliant workforce.

Seminar topics will include:
  • Traditional Discipline
  • Alternative Discipline
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Last Chance Agreements
  • Exit Agreements
  • Drafting Employment Agreements
  • Terms and Conditions of Agreements
  • Timelines for Agreements
  • Consequences for not meeting expectations of Agreement
  • Training and Education Supervisors on Agreements
  • Monitoring Employees performance /behavior under Agreement
  • Breech of Agreements
  • Parties to the Agreement
  • No Contact Orders
  • Example Agreements Provided
  • Notice of Paid Administrative Leave
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