This one-day course is an overview of what to do with the nation wide problem of drugged driving. The course will give a history of the DRE program nationally, explain the role of the DRE in general and provide you with information on the different ways DREs can be used. The course will also serve as a refresher of standardized field sobriety tests by not only educating you on how they can assist in OUI drug investigations but by sharpening your practical skills both roadside and in the courtroom. You will also learn some additional tests that may assist your investigation when a DRE is unavailable. Every attendee will also receive an outline to assist in writing an OUI drug police report and template for OUI drug search warrant for blood and medical records.


  • » Why are we are seeing more people operating under the influence of drugs?
  • » How do we prove OUI drugs (from probable cause to beyond a reasonable doubt)
  • » Three phases of OUI, what are we looking for?
  • » Standard Field Sobriety Tests and non standardized tests
  • » 7 Drug categories: (what to look for each category)
  • What category is the drug? (Ex Xanax vs. Oxycodone)
  • General indications of each category
  • Duration of effects and overdose signs
  • » 12 Step Evaluation
  • Drug Combinations (Null, overlapping, Additive and antagonistic)
  • » Recent Massachusetts Court Cases including Gerhardt Stathopoulos case, how can this help?
  • » OUI police report and search warrant writing tips
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