This one-day seminar will offer an in-depth exploration for law enforcement officers on the nuances of police responses to domestic violence calls for service.  The course emphasizes current legal standards, policing strategies, officer safety, and ensuring the protection of victims. Participants will engage with a blend of statutory and case law, domestic violence guidelines, and practical scenarios which address common challenges encountered by law enforcement.

Topics Covered:

  • Massachusetts Domestic Violence Law Enforcement Guidelines: Overview and application
  • Statutes and Case Law Review: Gen. Laws ch. 265, §§13A, 13M, 15D
  • Arrest Protocols: Preferred vs. Mandatory – Bail
  • Lethality Assessment: Evaluating danger levels at domestic violence scenes
  • Scene Assessment: Strategies for initial evaluation and response
  • Interview Techniques: Effective methods for engaging with victims and suspects
  • Strangulation and Suffocation: Understanding the legal elements and jury instructions
  • Evidence Documentation: Best practices for collecting, documenting, and authenticating evidence
  • Prosecution: Crafting reports that support successful prosecution
  • Fourth Amendment Concerns: Navigating privacy rights and information sharing
  • Children and Domestic Violence: Mandatory reporting requirements and considerations
  • Parent/Child DV Cases: Addressing domestic violence involving family dynamics
  • Juvenile Matters: Special considerations for juvenile involvement in domestic violence cases
  • Restraining Orders: Issuance & Violations
  • Seizure of Firearms: Red Flag Orders vs. Suspension/Revocation by Licensing Authority
  • Practical Scenarios and Case Studies
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